• Government Structure:  Develop a Tribal Vision with Goals, a Strategic Plan, and a Diplomatic Strategy

  • Tribal Council Engagement:  Clearly define the roles of Tribal leadership

  • Economic Development: focus on Small business development and continue to pursue the Tribal gaming initiative

  • ​Develop public relations and community outreach: for Tribal Membership, the Town of Aquinnah, the Island Community, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, other Tribal governments and the Federal Government  


"Each person has a different gift; in our community everyone has a role. I found myself with these people and I'm honored they shared so much with me. Now I share it as much as I can when it's appropriate."
​Tobias J. Vanderhoop

About Tobias Vanderhoop

My Vision

Kuweequahsun, nutus8wees Tobias Vanderhoop.  Nuwôpanâeeshkeetôp nuwtômâs Ahqunahut. 

(Greetings my name is Tobias Vanderhoop.  I am a Wampanoag man from Aquinnah.)

Tobias grew up off island, in the City of Everett, north of Boston.  He was fortunate to have the opportunity to come to the island frequently and his interactions with his cousins, friends and this place made him know this as his home.  In 1992, Tobias moved home with the idea that he could stay here and work for our Tribe.  While working for the Tribal Administration, Tobias had the opportunity to participate in a partnership between the Tribal Education department and the University of Massachusetts Boston working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Planning and Management, which he earned in 2004. After receiving a call to action from Tribal Elder Norva Randolph in 1999, Tobias also served on Tribal Council for a total of eight and a half years. After serving two terms as a Councilman,  he began to feel that he could do more for his community, so he applied to Harvard University and was accepted into their Mid-Career Master’s in Public Administration program.  Tobias commuted from Cambridge back to the island as often as possible from July 2007 – June 2008 to continue to serve the Tribal Council while completing his education. Since the completion of Tobias' education he has continued to push the boundaries of his service to the Tribal Community; serving as Tribal Administrator for four and a half years, and just recently, assisting the Tribal Chief in the judiciary branch of our government as Chief Administrator.

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"Growing up in an extended family as I did, both in Everett and on the Island, definitely contributes to my sense of Tribe today. You didn't want for anything; we all shared what we had." 

​Tobias J. Vanderhoop