This website provides information about Tobias J. Vanderhoop, former WTGH(A) Tribal Chairman.  Mr. Vanderhoop is currently a consultation with expertise in community and strategic planning  and serves as an advisor for Tribal governments.


Mr. Vanderhoop's vision is rather simple, in that it is rooted in the empowerment of the Aquinnah Wampanoag and all Native People. His desire is for the WTGH(A) membership and Native people generally to become engaged in the cultural life of thier tribal communities and engage in political action on all levels Federal, Tribal, State and Local. Direct engagement is a path to building a sense of Self-Determination and enfranchisement for all of our people .  In turn, empowered engagement will generate hope, help our people move toward improved wellness and will inspire a vision of the positive future possibilities for all of our people. We all know: Strong People lay the foundation for Strong government and guide our Leaders toward good governance. Together we can and must create stability for our future generations by answering the call to action, respecting each others' opinions and being involved all levels of political activity.


 Mr. Vanderhoop and many others share a desire to repair fractured relationships within the Tribe, as well as, better promote working relationships with entities outside of the Tribe. Mr. Vanderhoop wants to create stronger ties and lines of communication with the Town of Aquinnah, greater Martha’s Vineyard, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, other tribes, and the federal government. His plan to accomplish this task will employ proper and extensive use of diplomacy and improving communication within the tribal membership and with our community partners. He continues to believe that there is a need for all native people to be actively engaged in conversations with the organizations and entities around our community. He understands that there is a need for us to be involved because decisions made by other governments affect all of our sovereign nations.

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